N:a Hospitalet (Swedish for The Northern Hospital) was formed in Luleå, way up north in Sweden, in February 2019 by Rebecca (guitar and lead vocals) and Mattias (bass and backing vocals) who had been toying around with the idea of starting a punk rock band for some time. Searching for a drummer they ended up posting an ad in a very un-punk forum on Facebook where they eventually found Anders who auditioned and later was rewarded with the gig.

The band wasted no time as they started rehearsing a bunch of own songs – short, quite fast four-chord songs – as well as a few renditions of other artists work. Just two months after the first rehearsal N:a Hospitalet hit the stage for the first time, opening for Kardinal Synd from Umeå at the legendary Punkhus 33 in Överkalix. After that first show things kind of started to happen, and in July the band entered the studio to record some songs. Together with Frithiof Stenvall N:a Hospitalet recorded seven tracks that later became the band’s debut EP Bakom Ljuset, released in November 2019 on Second Class Kids Records.

N:a Hospitalets music is usually straight forward, melodic punk rock with lyrics revolving around society, politics, the working class and life in general. Common for pretty much all of the bands songs is the color red, as in the socialistic perspective.

So what does the future hold for N:a Hospitalet? Initially the plan was to travel Sweden and play as many shows as possible during spring and summer. However, due to reasons well known all of that was cancelled or postponed and instead the band recorded five new tracks. These tracks are now released by Second Class Kids in the form of a split vinyl with Tidaholm royalties Pastoratet also contributing five songs. 


The record named "Bara Skiten Avtar" was released on december 18. The album can be ordered from Second Class Kids and is also up for listening at the usual platforms. 

Oh, and do check out the video for En regnig dag, an interpretation of a song by russian punk pioneer Yanka Dyagileva. You can find the video in the media section